Valve Remote Control system

Inspection, repair and trouble shooting of solenoid valves, actuators, Power pack systems, position indicators and electrical trouble shooting.

Deck Machinery Equipment

Trouble shooting of all type of winches in main deck, Hydraulic break operating systems, winch hydraulic motors, power packs, Shaft and Bearing Inspections, alignment of drive shafts with coupling, and winch control valve overhauling.

Hose Handling and Provision Crane

Trouble shooting, repairing and overhauling of crane operating systems, hydraulic rams, winch gear boxes, hydraulic motors, and power packs.

Hatch cover, Cargo Door, Water Tight Doors

Repairing and overhauling of hydraulic systems related to Cargo Doors, Hatch covers and Water Tight Doors.

Boat Devit, Capston, Accommodation Ladder

Repairing and overhauling of various of Capston, Boat devit gear box with clutch system, and Accommodation Ladder winches with Air motors.

Various Types of Gear boxes

Dismantling, assembling and alignment of various types gear boxes, hydraulic couplings, Fabrication of new gears and shafts.

Steering Gear Hydraulic System

Trouble shooting and overhauling of solenoid valves, hydraulic rams, and power packs

Various Types of Safety Valves

Dismantling, Machining, lapping, assembling, pressure testing of various types of safety Valves and Normal valves with tested certificates.

Sales And Supply of Various Types of Hydraulic Equipment

Solenoid valves, position indicators, actuators, hydraulic cylinders, all types of seals and O rings, Limit switches, hydraulic hoses, and hydraulic fittings.