Rolling Mill Construction

Rolling Mill Construction

Rolling Mill Construction for Siemens in USI Fujairah, UAE

Combined production plant will produce rebar’s, rods and wire coils. Total capacity will be up to 950,000 tons of structural steel per annum

The steel plant comprise a bar mill for rebar’s and a wire-rod line, which will be able to produce both rods and wire coils.

The merchant-bar line consist of 21 rolling stands, a heat-treatment system, a 120 meter cooling bed, as well as machines for counting, bundling and binding the bars. The maximum rolling speed will be 16 meters per second. The diameters of the rods range from 10 to 40 millimetres. The wire rod mill reaches speeds of up to 105 meters per second. It will be able to produce either rods or wire coils, with diameters ranging from 5.5 to 16 millimetres. The equipment to be supplied by Siemens includes a ten-stand mono-block finishing mill, pinch rolls, the laying head, a cooling conveyor, and machines for forming and compacting coils. The plant is designed to crop and cut the end products to size on both rolling lines.

The plant also has a dedicated water treatment plant of approximately 2,000 m3/h capacity, and a compressed air station of approximately 2,500 Nm3/h capacity. All the electrical part is supplied by Siemens, including the power equipment with over 40 MW of motors and drives, and automation equipment with PLCs, HMIs, and Siroll packages.