Talisman Accommodation Project

Talisman Accommodation Project

Role: E&I Sub Contractor
End User:
Job Carried out:
Installation, Pre-commissioning of Electrical & Instrumentation.

The entire project is built in line with the specific Norwegian regulations for offshore units which include among others the DNV regulations, NORSOK requirements, NMD and PSA.

The main scope of the project is the 55 person accommodation in MOPU STOR which includes the 55 single bedrooms, all with adjacent private bathroom, the luxury galley and dining room, lounges, exercise rooms, changing rooms with Sauna facility, a laundry, a hospital facility, the MOPU STOR Central Control room facility and several other common facilities.

The accommodation is fitted with all the regular utilities like a full HVAC system, normal and emergency power distribution systems, LAN, TV and telephone network and of course the required F&G detection, fire fighting and loss control provisions.

On top of the accommodation an aluminium helicopter deck with required fire fighting systems etc. is fitted. The overall dimensions of the building are approx. 36 mtr (l) x 13 mtr (w) x 22 mtr (h) and a weight of approx. 1100 ton.

Metro Mac carried out the Electrical & instrumentation scope of work in the accommodation including the pre-commissioning activities.